Sports Bible Camp Volunteers

June 24-28th



Adult who oversees the entire sports camp program.

Squad Leaders:

At least one adult and one student will be assigned to each squad of 5-8 participants. Squad leaders are responsible for getting to know the participants in their squads and for leading conversations after the gospel presentations.


Volunteers must be able to come to at least one of the two training sessions. The training sessions will be held on Monday June 3 and June 10 6:30-8:30p. The purpose of these meetings is to prepare leaders for their roles, plan out of the days, assess drills, training and games and be sure that we are completely prepared physically, emotionally and spiritually for the week. 

Monday June 3 or Monday June 10
5300 Green Pond Road
Easton PA 18045


For Adults 18 and over:

  1. Be at attendant at Calvary Baptist Church for at least 6 months

  2. Be actively involved in a community group, bible study or Sunday school class

  3. Provide federal background check and state child clearance

For Students 14-18:

  1. Be in attendance of Calvary Baptist Church

  2. Be actively involved with Calvary Students, in a community group, Sunday school class or other christian fellowship

Why these qualifications?
We are careful to protect the children and students who God has placed in our care. We can never recommend someone to be in a position of leadership or supervision or children or youth if we do not know them well.