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Warm Up and Conduct Review

Sports Training

Water Break

Bible Lesson

Squad Time


Weekly Schedule

Monday: Basketball

Tuesday: Volleyball

Wednesday: Soccer

Thursday: Flag Football

Friday: Misc.

Join us in Meuser park

June 25-29, 9am-12pm Calvary Baptist Church in coordination with Vacation Bible School will be hosting a Sports Bible Camp. Our mission is to provide athletic skill training, tips and techniques from furthering fitness and to proclaim the grace and peace of the gospel. Sports and exercise have become integral in so many student's lives, we want to see the students of Wilson Borough succeed. Our camp will provide age appropriate training on various sports and will help our students to see their own value in the eyes of God. 

Our day will be broken into three blocks. Block one is fitness training and sport specific drills. Based on the sport of the day we will be doing drills meant to enhance skills in that sport and to impart knowledge on how to continue growing and improving. 

Block two is a time where one of our trainers or coaches will share from the Bible and will focus on the grace and peace that have come from Jesus Christ. We will break into squads to talk about life, goal setting and developing grit. 

Block three is scrimmage time: under the supervision of our coaches and trainers we will play the sport of the day and practice all that we have learned.