Wednesday April 18th


Student Small Groups are going out! 

Each Small Group will be going to a different location nearby to Calvary to hangout, eat food and enjoy being together. The event is entirely FREE, we will provide transportation from Calvary to the hangout spots. 

It is very important that you arrive at 6:30p--the vans are leaving Calvary at 6:45p.
All students are required to have a release form in order to go. 

We will announce where all the small groups are going the first week of April.


Hangout Locations

6th-8th Girls: Dairy Queen, Easton Ave, Bethlehem
9-10th Girls: Diner 248, Nazareth Rd, Easton
11-12th Girls: The Cup and Vegan Treats, Linden St, Bethlehem

6-9th Boys: Freefall Trampoline Park, Baglyos Cir, Bethlehem
10-12th Boys: Buffalo Wild Wings, Dryland Way, Easton


So... What's happening?

We are meeting at the church at 6:30p.
Students will check in with their small group leaders.

Small groups will load into vans (driven by small group leaders) and drive somewhere to hangout. 

Students will return by 8:30p to be picked up from the church.



How much is the event?

FREE, we are covering transportation and any food.

Can I drop my student off at the hangout location?

Yes, but you need to let us know ahead of time if that is your plan.

Is this safe?

Absolutely, our small group leaders are great drivers and we are headed to public places to hang out.

What if we are late?

try not to be. If you miss the van you may have to drop your student off at the hangout location.

Where do I get a release form?