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Tedd Tripp is the president of Shepherding the Heart Ministries, a non-profit organization, whose mission is connecting the hearts of God’s people to the power and grace of the Gospel. Tedd has developed and teaches materials that encouragethe people of God to understand Gospel hope for the ways that human beings are pushed and pulled by the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Tedd is known around the world for the best-selling child rearing book, Shepherding a Child’s Heart, and as the presenter of Shepherding a Child’s Heart Ministries.

Registration for childcare is closed. If you would like to attend the conference and do not need childcare, please contact the Church Office at 610.365.5300 to register.


Friday, April 20

6:00p-6:30p - Registration

6:30p-7:30p - Getting to the Heart of Behavior

This foundational session explores common ways that we try to address behavior without shepherding the heart, helping parents gain skill at working back from behavior to the heart, unmasking heart issues for their children.

7:45p-8:45p - Early Childhood: Living Joyfully under Authority

This session will help teach that our task, as parents, is helping our children see that God, who is good and kind, has designed them to live as children under authority and has promised wonderful blessings for children who learn to honor and obey Mom and Dad.

Saturday, April 21

9:00a-10:00a - Childhood: Identifying Attitudes of Heart

This session will present a paradigm for getting from behavior to heart attitudes and helping children understand ways that their straying hearts show their profound need for the forgiveness, grace, and empowerment of the Gospel.

10:15a - 11:15a - Teenagers: Embracing Gospel Living as Living Faith

This session will help, us as parents, remain connected to our teens and find that delight in understanding them, is key.

11:25a-12:30p - Helping our Kids See the Glory of God

This session will teach parents that we are called by God to help our children be fascinated and enthralled by God.