Mercy Ministries

“Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful.”
— Luke 6:26

We want to emulate God’s mercy to people in need. Our most important need is to hear and believe the Gospel. Beyond that, we need love expressed through relationships and friendships. Mercy Ministries refer to the next level of needs that are physical and economic, such as food, shelter, and medical care. Mercy ministry is the meeting of these human needs through loving human deeds. It includes the training, equipping, and empowering of people to wisely meet these needs themselves.

At Calvary, we approach Mercy Ministry under three headings:

  • Mercy Ministry to our Calvary Family:  When someone in our church family is struggling, we want to help with wise and sacrificial love. We do that with discernment through our benevolence fund, food ministry, and other physical services. 
  • Mercy Ministry to those outside our Calvary Family: While staying focused on the Gospel and the need for people to turn to Jesus, we also desire to show strategic practical love to people in need outside our church family. So, we partner with a few ministries around us such as our own Food Pantry, Bethlehem Emergency Shelter and Truth for Women home. We support doctors working at a hospital in an impoverished area of Cameroon, and we energetically promote and support the ministry of Bright Hope Pregnancy Center. 
  • Mercy Ministry from Calvary: We want Calvary to know what the Bible says about mercy and justice and to be equipped to get involved in biblical mercy and justice. So we regularly communicate and highlight various ministries concerning abortion, racism, human trafficking, those in prison, older adults, refugees and immigrants, the persecuted church, those with disabilities, orphan care, domestic violence, hunger, and homelessness.