Red Angry guys.png


Calvary Baptist Church
Saturday, May 18, 2019
8:30a – 10:00a

Coffee and light snacks provided

Anger is an emotion of power, judgment, and action … but it can leave behind damage, destruction, and even death. How do we understand anger in light of creation, the fall, our experiences, and our desires? Is anger ever right? Is it ever wrong? Where does God fit into our anger? What does anger tell us about ourselves?

Is there any hope for us to change in our anger, especially to situational and verbal “triggers”?  Or, is it only something that overwhelms us and carries us in its current? Where do you find yourself on the spectrum of anger? Where has the anger of others impacted you?

This seminar will seek to provide an overview of the sources of anger, of what the Bible has to say about anger, and of how we can change in light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As we discover how to apply gospel truth to ourselves in relationship with Christ, we will also become wiser in ministry to others who struggle with anger. Whatever you have done, there is forgiveness and restoration in Christ, and whatever has been done to you is covered by the blood of Christ, taking away your shame and giving you the right to become children of the Living God.

Author Dr. Ed Welch reminds us that “Relationships do not do well in a courtroom. Anger acquits itself but indicts others.” How does trusting in Christ impact the way we deal with ourselves and others? Join us as we seek to love God and love others in thought, word, and deed.

Registration is not required but would be appreciated for material preparation.