Lehigh Valley Outreach

Our Lehigh Valley Outreach ministries focus on reaching people in our own backyard (the Lehigh Valley) with the love and message of Jesus. These ministries are incarnational, connected and committed.  

They are incarnational because they focus on bringing Jesus to the lost, rather than expecting unbelievers to come to us to find Jesus. Jesus took on flesh and dwelt among us. We seek to do the same by entering into the communities, hearts, and lives of those we desire to reach for Jesus.

These ministries are connected because they seek to insure that those being evangelized are provided the encouragement and means necessary to become connected to Calvary through Community Groups and the Worship Services.

Finally, these ministries are committed to developing mature disciples of Jesus Christ. Jesus does not command His followers to simply evangelize, He commands His followers to make disciples, baptizing them, and teaching them to obey all that He commanded.

Our two main Lehigh Valley Outreach ministries are the Wilson Borough Ministry Initiative and Community Groups. Our church family is committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ in the Wilson Borough by spreading the love and Gospel of Jesus in that area. And our Community Groups are committed to reaching their neighbors for Jesus.