May 17-19, 2019

what is jam?

JAM, or Junior High Adventures in Ministry, is a weekend at Cairn University in mid-May. There are worship sessions on Friday and Saturday Night. Students are trained by Child Evangelism Fellowship to share the gospel in a way that is clear, powerful and succinct. The Highlight of the weekend is called “Kids’ Day.” Saturday from 10-3 over 400 children are bussed to Cairn University from inner city ministries in Philadelphia (most of the children freak-out when they see the athletic fields—they’ve never seen so much grass in their lives). Each student is paired with a child and they spend the day with them: Bingo, games, inflatables, petting zoo, puppet shows and at the end of the day they sit down and share the gospel. It is an amazing day that is the beginning of a new life for so many children!

Out of all the events that we do with Calvary Students, JAM may be the most important event in your student’s time in middle school. 


There is no weekend based event more powerful in shaping the faith of students.

  1. JAM trains students to articulate their faith clearly.

  2. JAM gives students a non-threatening opportunity to share their faith and change eternity.

  3. JAM surrounds participants in a community of committed believers that helps them see they are not alone in following Jesus.

4 more reasons

  1. They will make friends: I have found that working towards a common goal brings people together in unexpected ways. Not only did this event help me to grow closer to my friends when I went through, but I made friends from other groups who I stayed in touch with into College.

  2. They will be safe on a beautiful campus: Cairn University is a lovely campus in Langhorne Manor, PA. The event is staffed by University students but the middle school youth groups have the dorms to ourselves, divided up by gender, the facilities are clean, safe and comfortable (I lived there for 4 years).

  3. We’ve got you covered: We have set aside a significant portion of our student budget to scholarship and sponsor students to go on service events like this one. The $100 cost per student can be steep but if that is the only objection then it is no object, we would be happy to sponsor your student you need only fill out an application.

  4. A weekend like this can be such a relief from the busyness of life: I know the biggest reason that a student may not be able to go is commitment to other things. Sports, school, music, scouts and other activities are all fighting for your time. But please, make time for this amazing event.

JAM is May 17-19th

Registration closes April 1st, 2019. 

Cost is $100 per student and $50 for each additional sibling
Contact Pastor Zach to apply for a scholarship