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We are looking forward to Brother John of Ananias House joining us on March 17.

Brother John will preach in our morning services (9:00a & 10:45a), then return in the evening for more teaching and a time of prayer.

Brother John is with Ananias House, which seeks to support local communities of believers in the greater Middle East and North Africa, who have been devastated by war and persecution, encouraging and equipping them to fulfill the Great Commission. Brother John grew up in Syria hearing the daily calls to prayer shouted out from minarets all across the country of 23 million people, including refugees. Being raised in a Christian home, Brother John was burdened from an early age for the people of his country to know the true Lord in Heaven.

In spite of the horrific atrocities of the war, he has witnessed God work in miraculous ways to bring many Arab people to a true saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

His calling and goal are to train and equip indigenous followers of Christ who understand their own culture, speak the language, live among their people, and see the things that those of us in the West cannot see.

With this call on his life, God has been preparing Brother John and his wife for years, both in Damascus and in Houston, to oversee and lead a Bible school to train and equip believers to be used for His Kingdom in the very heart of the Arab World.