Fall Retreat 2019


A weekend at Camp Calvary, Bernsville pA

The fall retreat is a weekend away for middle school and high school students. It is a chance to build relationships, relax and reset in God's word. This year we are studying the book of 1 Peter which focuses on hope in suffering. 

love never ends...
— 1 Corinthians 13:8

The Basics

WHO: Calvary Baptist Church Student Ministries, High School and Middle School students and leaders

WHAT: Fall retreat, a weekend away for experiencing God and growing in community

WHERE: Camp Calvary, 48 New Schaefferstown Rd, Bernville, PA 19506

WHEN: Friday November 1 (5:45pm)—Sunday November 3 (12:00pm)

HOW ARE WE GETTING THERE: Bus service will drop off and pick up, we will have a vehicle or two with us on site in case of emergency.



What is a retreat? The goal of a retreat is to get students away in a comfortable but different setting. Our hope is that students will disengage from the usual stressors and patterns of their lives in order to engage with the bible and with the faith community. Retreats are often powerful tools in the formation of the faith of young people.

Where are they sleeping? There are a group of cabins each housing up to a dozen students, they will be divided by gender and age. There will be adults supervising in each cabin.

What are the cabins like? The cabins are single open rooms lined with bunk beds. Each cabin will house 12- 14 people, there is an add-on room that leaders can stay in but most adults will stay in the main room with the students. They will be split up by gender and age. The bunks come with mattresses but do not come with pillows or bedding. They are clean, have ac/heat and are bug free.

What are they doing? See itinerary--short version: fun games inside and outside, eating tasty food, worshipping, praying and studying God’s word.

What should they bring? A bible, something to sleep in (sheets or sleeping bag and pillow), toiletries, towel, flip flops for shower, shoes and clothes they can run around in (we will be playing games in a gym and outdoors Saturday evening), at least one set of warm clothes, flashlight, packed dinner (Friday night).

What shouldn’t they bring? Anything they shouldn’t take to school. Anything they would lament losing (there’s almost always at least one child who goes home with a broken phone).

What are the bathroom situations? All of the buildings that we are staying in have public bathrooms that are nice and clean. The cabins that we are sleeping in are not equipped with bathrooms. Instead there is a central male and female bathhouse which has showers (with curtains), a changing area, toilets and multiple sinks.

What if my students has food allergies? The camp can easily accommodate allergies like nut allergies, gluten sensitivities and usually dairy intolerances. We encourage students to bring their own snacks and packing a meal or two that can be reheated may be a good idea if you are concerned that food will not be available. Contact Zach if you have concerns in this area.

What paperwork do I need? All students must have the Calvary Students Liability Release Form filled out. You can check your students profile at calvarybaptistpa.ccbchurch.com to find out if you have one yet.

Can students bring their phones? Students are permitted to bring their electronic devices. There will be certain times on the trip that device use is prohibited as we want students to interact with the group rather than their devices.