ESL Volunteer Opportunities

Call to Action: ESL SEAL Team

 What do Navy SEALs and Calvary ESL SEALs have in common?

 A Willingness To:

  • Tackle tough jobs with a like-minded team

  • Be disciplined, reliable, interactive, and focused

  • Sacrifice time for the task close at hand

  • Decide on important strategies that could affect the lives of many

  • Implement the strategies and tasks in an active, spiritual warfare environment

Of course, the mission for Calvary ESL SEALs is quite different from that of Navy SEALs. Our important task at Calvary ESL is two-fold. The first task is to teach English to the best of our ability to those who desire and need to learn it. Our second task is taking seriously our Lord’s command to His disciples to fulfill the Great Commission: “…that repentance and forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed in His name to all nations….” (Luke 24:47). Most people who come to our country from unreached and less-reached nations have had little or no opportunity to hear of Jesus Christ and His grace and forgiveness. Through Calvary ESL, we have an opportunity to help them on both counts: learn English and learn about who Jesus really is from His Word.

 So, what can we at Calvary do to help reach those who have never read the Bible and do not know who Jesus Christ is? In the Lehigh Valley, we have people from almost all nations of the world. At Calvary ESL in the past three years, we have had students from Syria, Pakistan, China, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Kazakhstan, India, Japan, Vietnam, Iran, Iraq and more. All of these students have listened to and read some portions of the Bible, and most have heard who Jesus Christ is and have heard about His death and resurrection. But a big problem looms before us: fewer and fewer are attending our classes. Our wide-open door at Lehigh University has been rapidly closing and fewer people seem to be reaching out to internationals they have contact with in their communities. More people from unreached countries are needed to have a Great Commission impact through Calvary ESL.

Call to Action: We are asking God to raise up a spiritual ESL SEAL Team of 3 to 5 people from Calvary Baptist, to join the faith-effort to reach out to the unreached people they have contact with AND to strategize together with their team for approximately 4-5 weeks, especially in late August and September. During these weeks, by God’s grace and power, the team will earnestly PRAY and seek to:

  • LOCATE and REACH out to internationals (especially the less-reached) with the goal of getting them to come to Calvary ESL.

    • It would entail trying to discover WHERE less-reached communities of people are living, studying and working.

    • It would involve putting up fliers where internationals from unreached countries shop, eat, live to help get the word out.

    • The ESL SEAL Team would work together to try to specifically reach out to these less-reached people via internet sites they may frequent.

    • After accomplishing the above, the team would seek to reach out to others in the Calvary family and ask them also to pray, put up fliers, etc.

Would you ask God if He may want YOU to be an ESL SEAL? While none of us can accomplish lofty goals perfectly, the Holy Spirit will provide the wisdom, strength and power to accomplish His purposes. The only ‘qualifications’ would be:

o   A Heart for God,

o   Teachable spirit and attitude,

o   Commitment to working hard for approximately 5-weeks especially in August and September to come up with ideas and seek to implement them for getting people to ESL (which will begin with registration on September 23.

After praying, please email Stacy Gabrielle at or Dave and Merita Scott at to find out more about becoming an ESL SEAL.

What a Holy Spirit-inspired challenge awaits you!!